Full Service Horticulture

Casa Blanca's professional staff provides full horticultural services, including planting, irrigation, lighting and contruction of a variety of decorative features to suit your home or business needs:


Horticulturally-Sound Concepts & Practices

Casa Blanca is a full-service landscape contracting company committed to providing our clients with the concept of sustainable landscaping -- the idea that landscape design can benefit both nature and people while functioning well with a minimum of resource use and negative impacts.

A well-designed and properly maintained landscape enhances a community and adds value to a property's resale value.  Involving much more than placing trees, shrubs and other plants, landscaping is a discipline that joins science and art to form an outdoor living environment that provides both enjoyment and functionality.

Casa Blanca would like to be your first choice for providing all of your landscape needs.

Water Conservation
Casa Blanca is committed to water conservation and actively promotes and implements practical solutions for water savings in landscapes.

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